How can habit coaching help me?

How Can Habit Coaching Help Me?

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"How can habit coaching help me, and what if I fail?" 

This is one of the common questions that cross the minds of many women. 

And it’s only natural to have this doubt. 

Especially if you have tried numerous programs, from fad diets and fitness apps to buying expensive workout machines and attending fitness classes — to build a healthy “routine.”

So let me answer your question about how habit coaching can help you…

Habit coaching is more than just setting a routine. It's about creating an identity shift using the "Heart. Hustle. Habits." framework. Because what you feel impacts what you do and your habits to support the life you want to be about. 

When you align your actions to how you want to feel, you are creating an identity shift from the typical “I am not enough” mindset to “I got this, I will do this because I love myself.” 

As busy moms, we often find ourselves caught in a neverending to-do list filled with tasks for others. 

It's easy to get burnt out and feel like we're not accomplishing much for ourselves. 

But when we shift our mindset to a more self-loving one and practice habits that nurture us, something beautiful happens. We start radiating a deeper and more connected love for our families and show up even better in other areas of our lives, including our careers.

And habit coaching is made up of small steps. 

Say you’ve been meaning to make more time for yourself and your passion projects. 

In that case, we'll turn your focus to why these activities matter to you (heart), assess how you currently spend your time (hustle), and then create a plan to incorporate daily acts of self-care and passion projects into your routine (habits).

This doesn’t happen overnight, but holding space for what matters to you, what you want in your life, and lovingly holding you accountable to actions that feel right gets you results. (Because let’s be real, as a busy mom, you may tend to flake on yourself, but being held accountable to show up for yourself in a formal coaching program is pretty tough to do). 

You might also be wondering, “What if I fail?” 

Let me respond with a question. 

Have the other programs been able to help you troubleshoot setbacks and speak to your heart? 

Or did they push you with the “go hard or go home” or “no excuses” crap? 

Habit coaching takes a more compassionate approach. 

We focus on tuning in and aligning your actions (no matter how small) with your heart's desires. Over time, these small, aligned steps accumulate and lead to significant progress.

What makes habit coaching special is that these small actions can be blended in with your current hustle because it’s your current circumstances we need to work with (because, as busy moms, we make the mistake of waiting for things to be perfect to work on habits, forgetting that life isn’t perfect and we need habits to get us through imperfections too!). 

Reflection Time:

  • What is it in your life you want to feel daily?
  • What are your goals between now and the end of the year? 
  • What habit(s) are a reflection of your goals? 


Remember, you are enough and capable of creating positive change in your life through habits. 

So, if you're ready to start your transformational journey, check out our FREE Habits Masterclass with Habits Tracker. 

It's time to take that first step toward a happier, healthier you.


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Why, What, & How To Practice Healthy Habits To Thrive As a Busy Mom.

The Habits Masterclass is something I created just for you - a busy mom often juggling many things. I share my journey in a relatable way so you don’t feel alone and provide time to reflect on key habits that will align with the woman you want to feel and be about!

I also provide guidance on how to break bad habits and how to get good ones to stick in a realistic way with an accompanying Habit Tracker to help you track your progress and feel good about small wins that you can build off of.

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