Is this you?

Your mind is scattered, and you’re always on the move.

You find yourself answering to everything and everyone.

You find yourself losing track of who you are.

I get it. As a busy and ambitious woman, there are a lot of things competing for your time and energy.

And you want to slow down, tune out the noise, reconnect with your inner self, and live with intention. You’ve thought about journaling but always felt a bit lost, unsure how to start.

If this sounds like you, I’ve got you covered, sis.

Sign up for this monthly journal subscription, where I send you videos and journaling prompts every week.

Because when we think it, say it, write it, we can BECOME it!

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How does this work?

Each week, we’ll explore a new theme with journaling prompts that are tailored to address what’s going on in your life. The prompts will be shared with you as a slide deck and a recorded video for additional context with uplifting vibes to guide you to a clearer path.

Because activating your voice from within is the key to slowing down, setting clear intentions, and articulating the guidance and support you need from the universe.

As a member you will also have FREE admission to live sessions! 

The next one will be on Decemember 29th at 9AM PST as we reflect on 2023 and set intentions and goals for 2024! 

Master this, and you're on the path to true manifestation, breaking old patterns and stepping into your higher, Be About It self.

Sign up today to join the Be About It Journal Club—because your voice matters!

Join Be About It Journal Club!

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Be About It Journal Club is a monthly membership that is billed once a month and can be canceled at any time. As a Journal Club subscriber, you will be subscribed to the Journal Club newsletter to receive all the Journal Club goods straight to your inbox.

Join Be About It Journal Club!


“Thanks for the journal club! I’ve never journaled the way you taught us, and I noticed this week I was definitely more intentional and aligned. I got in a workout, too, and it felt good! And I do need this accountability to slow down (or else I’m just gonna go-go-go and be caught up in things). Journaling on Sundays helps me to know what’s coming up this week before the week starts. (Journal to be more intentional and manifest, like you said!)”


“Hi Heather, thanks for providing the safe space in the Journal Club. I started journaling more since our session on Sunday, and I feel less anxious and clear. Growing each day and looking forward to attending the next session. I just needed to know how to start, and you got me there!” 


“Usually, I’m anticipating the start of the week, but recalling what to write about with your guidance and what I intend to do has helped me feel less stressed and more present, especially with my kids and husband. I also started journaling during our sessions. Thank you for the prompts. So now, when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I just whip out my phone and journal and I always feel better after.” 


“Journal club is really helping me feel less stressed and more intentional. Thank you for holding the space for us, Heather.”

Join Be About It Journal Club!