Around the time I became a new mom to an infant and toddler, I was living and working from my parents’ home with two dogs, my marriage was failing, I was scrambling to keep up at a toxic executive sales job, and I was burnt out and heart-sick (healthy on the outside but broken inside). The thought of not completing tasks or disappointing others made me anxious, but I knew something had to change. While in the midst of trying to people-please, I lost sight of who I was— more than a mother and a wife— and what I wanted – to uplift women through shared experiences.

The first thing I did was confess to my closest friend that I wasn’t OK even though I appeared to “have it all” (married with kids). I expected a solutions-based response, but she just validated my feelings, shared how much she related, and held space for me to think about what was next for me— which was couples and personal therapy. Beginning a journey of healing from within and leading with my heart allowed me to develop healthy habits and gave me the confidence to re-build my life the way I wanted to live it versus being reactive to everything and everyone. I was able to repair my marriage, be a more present mother, and find a job I thrive in—helping others. As a result, I feel more joy and am healthier overall. 

When I realized my life obstacles were common among women but that there wasn’t a dedicated space for women to come together to overcome them, I decided to become a certified health & life coach with a program focused on creating healthy habits. As in my personal experiences, healthy habits have given me the resilience and the energy to get through difficult times because daily activities just became automatic. It didn’t matter if I was inspired or not, I still took care of myself, and that led me to overcoming burnout while still progressing towards my goals, like finding a new job and having more balance in my life. So here we are! I’m passionate about coaching women out of overwhelm and into the woman they aspire to be: healthier and more confident from within.


I share my journey in a relatable way so you don’t feel alone and provide time to reflect on key habits that will align with the woman you want to feel and be about! I also provide guidance on how to break bad habits and how to get good ones to stick in a realistic way with an accompanying Habit Tracker to help you track your progress and feel good about small wins that you can build off of.



Time Is Mine Bundle is a $9 offer that walks you through how to align your actions / tasks / schedule to who and what you want to be about and the accompanying workbook to help you set intentions, goals and set the activities you need to move the dial in your life while making sure you fill in daily self-care. 

Executive Coaching

Be About It Health & Wellness believes you already have what you need to create a life in alignment with your heart, one that honors your unique journey.

You just might not feel like you have the time or the energy to work towards your goals.

What makes Be About It coaching special is that the program is aimed at showing up for yourself first with small actions that can be blended with your current hustle.

Eventually, all these small steps add up to sustain you throughout the ebbs and flow of life and reach your personal goals as your customized system of habits.

Heart. Hustle. Habits. Let’s be about it together!

Journal Club

Be About It Journal club is a safe space for busy women to come together to tune out the noise and tune in by reconnecting with their desires and intentions of the heart in the form of journaling.

It is only by activating your voice from within can you truly slow down, set clear intentions and articulate the guidance and support you need from God / the universe. When you can master this, you begin a path towards true manifestation by breaking old patterns and taking steps towards your higher, Be About It self.

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Habits E-Course

If you are looking for HOW to build healthy habits in key areas like:

How to manage time & energy

How to communicate to build connection 

How to improve sleep 

How to eat healthier, move more and practice self-care

This Habits Over Inspiration e-course is here to help you learn all my HOW’s and apply it with your heart and hustle in mind.

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1:1 Executive Habit Coaching

Just me and you here for my full undivided attention with 2 calls a month, access to my modules, and direct messaging to me outside of calls. 

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Listen to recent interviews of Coach Heather sharing personal stories and how to create heart-centered abouts for your life and business. 




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