Balancing Fitness, Hobbies, and Career: Tips for Meaningful Time Management + Habits Tracker

Why, What, & How To Practice Healthy Habits To Thrive As a Busy Mom.

A recorded webinar with accompanying Habit Tracker that speaks to the busy moms handling “all the things”.
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Get out of survival mode!

Fit in self-care!

Feel more energized!

Is this you?


  • Do you often find yourself scrambling throughout the day? 
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed with “all the things” as a busy mom? 
  • Do you often leave self-care last on your list?  
  • Have you tried programs in the past that didn’t work for you? 
  • And now feel discouraged to start something new to better yourself? 
  • Are you looking for guidance from a fellow mother you can relate to finally get out of survival mode and into thriving mode?

I used to approach life with a giant never-ending to-do list of things. It seemed easy to do the laundry, feed the kids, complete tasks, and make meetings as a woman in sales, clean this or pick that up, plan this family gathering, buy the gifts, you name it!

I was so used to doing everything and often felt guilty about asking for help as I didn’t see women (or super moms) ask for help in the past. Eventually, though, a whole lot of little things added up.

I was tired of doing everything for everyone and leaving myself last on a neverending to-do list that was just a whole bunch of doing and not living, being present, or being the person I really intended to be.

I became burnt out and felt heartsick (happy looking on the outside but broken inside). I cried in my room, wondering why I wasn't happy after the checklist of what society deemed successful (good job, married, a homeowner with kids, etc.).

And I realized it was because I wasn’t following my heart and doing what I needed to nourish my soul.

So for the first time, I tuned in to what I needed by asking myself, “What do I want out of life?
What do I want for my family?” I realized I wanted to feel heart happy - to be present with my kids, to have time for myself, and to let go of the endless pressure to do it all.

I didn’t want to be that mom who was always on the move and tired.
I wanted to advance my career, and I also wanted to be a better person overall, someone who felt more in control of my life.

Then, I made the cautious effort to align my actions to what got me in the direction of being happy from the inside out (heart-happy!).

Because self-care in my past used to be massages here and there, but I found a way to fit in self-care daily by creating a system of habits. I focused on small habits for self-care and improving the way I connected with my partner in a way that felt authentic and not forced.

And I so deeply want this for you, too, if you are that mom like me, who was scrambling, burnt out, and too busy to enjoy life. I want to help you develop healthy habits because I have found that habits built up my energy and confidence, and now, my life is a complete 180.

✨I am more grounded in who I am and my needs.
✨I have the support I need and a system of habits to nourish myself daily, which has also resulted in closer relationships, advancing my career in sales while owning a life coaching practice of my own, and while I am thriving, so is my family.

I am able to let go, let live, and I want this for you too!

So let’s start small with this Habits Masterclass to teach what, why, and how to implement healthy habits to thrive as a busy mom!

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Oh my gosh, just watched the master class, and I love how relatable you are, like you get me! Excited to start with small habits, like you said.

- Desiree

How to break bad habits and get good ones to stick was like “duh’! I am excited to try it.

- Kristine

I’m still using the tools and habits I reflected on and happy with the progress I am making. Small steps, big changes.

- Carol

Balancing Fitness, Hobbies, and Career: Tips for Meaningful Time Management + Habits Tracker

Why, What, & How To Practice Healthy Habits To Thrive As a Busy Mom

The Habits Masterclass is something I created just for you - a busy mom often juggling many things. I share my journey in a relatable way so you don’t feel alone and provide time to reflect on key habits that will align with the woman you want to feel and be about! I also provide guidance on how to break bad habits and how to get good ones to stick in a realistic way with an accompanying Habit Tracker to help you track your progress and feel good about small wins that you can build off of.

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Imagine not needing to wait until your massage appointment / mani-pedi to feel like you got some self-care in. Imagine feeling more nourished and balanced at a daily, weekly, and monthly level because you have become more intentional about habits that serve you versus the attention you have put on a to-do list that is made for others. The life of being fully present with those you love and clear of the whirlwind of tasks as you progress toward your goals is possible!


  1. This Habits Masterclass is presented by a busy mom with a FT job, a business of her own, married, who plans for everyone else too, and with lots going on, just like you! (That’s me too!)
  2. I speak from the perspective of a woman of color, and daughter of an immigrant where often the concept of “family first” needs to be reframed with the idea that you too are part of the family so it’s ok to include yourself on your schedule and what energizes you for your family…
  3. I don’t tell you what habits to change / focus on but I guide you on what makes sense with heart and hustle in mind (which a lot of programs leave out).


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been being more mindful about the decisions I make when it comes to food and exercise and reminding myself that it's ok to put ME first when it comes to my family and friends. 

- Aura

This module has helped me break down each goal step by step so it is not overwhelming and feels doable. I’m reminded  to ask myself “what is my ‘why?’”for my goals which is  also a big motivator.

- Kim

I now incorporate movement consistently. Also,  I'm more aware of the choices I make to help me feel energized.

- Tara

CLICK HERE to get the Habits Masterclass and Tracker now!

What’s inside?

A webinar that walks you through how to look at your life and habits to serve you in a holistic way, a special Habits Tracker for a daily, weekly habit to focus on and track progress, plus BONUS email check-ins for 4 weeks from yours truly for some initial accountability to get your journey with healthy habits and being about the woman you intend to!

I came across a quote the other day that read, “The best thing a mom can do is show her children how strong she is on the inside, so they have no doubt that being strong is a part of who they are.”

If you find it hard to take your first step for yourself, do it for your children by creating an awareness on how focusing on habits can help you build the strength you want them to one day embody also. As a mother, we are the hearts of our families.

When we feel good, they feel good, when we leave ourselves last, they suffer, so that’s break that cycle and tune in to your heart and align your habits to create the life you want for yourself and for them.

CLICK HERE to get the Habits Masterclass and Tracker now!