How To Get One Hour To Myself As a Busy Mom

busy moms time is mine time management work-life balance Oct 25, 2023

Do you ever feel like your time isn’t truly your own? 

Many of the initial calls I have with busy moms start with how lost they are with their time. 

It's as if time slips through their fingers, almost exclusively dedicated to others (their kids, spouses, work, in-laws, and countless more), and life seems like an unending whirlwind, every day blending into the next.

If this is you, know that you are not alone! 

The good news is that’s the before picture of my clients’ journeys. 

Here’s what the after looks like…

They own their time, are secure with their choices, have much healthier boundaries, and get to be about their goals (personally, professionally, etc.) supported by healthy habits. 

And to make all this happen, you NEED to make time to take time for habits!

This is why time and energy management is key. 

Here’s a mindset shift practice my clients and I actively engage in– to prioritize time & balance our energies. 

Many of us say we "spend time" with our family, right?

But did you know this choice of words can inadvertently harm our relationships? 

When we perceive time as a finite resource, we are "spending," we subconsciously adopt a scarcity mindset which can lead us to believe that we're constantly running out of time.

And here’s how it impacts us daily…

We feel guilty when we prioritize time for ourselves or our families, hindering our ability to be fully present in the moment.

To break free from this mindset, we must reframe our thinking and begin treating time as an investment. 

Just as sleep is an investment in our productivity, time with our families is an investment in our relationships. (And sleep is another habit I cover. For real, for real! Did you know that one hour of sleep yields two hours of productivity and focus? You need quality sleep!).

By giving priority to these investments, we can experience remarkable benefits both in our professional and personal lives.

One effective strategy for safeguarding your time and preserving boundaries is to schedule appointments with yourself on your calendar. This simple habit gives you the space to think, plan, and work on your business without the burden of guilt.

By creating this habit, you'll find yourself more present with your family when you're with them and more focused on your work when in that mindset.

So, if you're struggling to balance work and family time, try reframing your thinking and treating time as an investment. Start by creating appointments with yourself on your calendar, and see how it can benefit you both professionally and personally. 

If you find yourself in need of guidance on how to compartmentalize your time and conquer your never-ending to-do list, here is my Time Is Mine Workbook, available for just $9. This resource includes a supplemental video that walks you through the same concepts I share with my fellow busy moms, helping you reclaim your time and energy.

Remember, time is yours to invest, not to spend!

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