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Balancing Fitness, Hobbies, and Career: Tips for Meaningful Time Management + Habits Tracker

The Habits Masterclass is something I created just for you - a busy mom often juggling many things.

I provide guidance on how to break bad habits and how to get good ones to stick in a realistic way with an accompanying Habit Tracker to help you track your progress and feel good about small wins that you can build off of. 

What's inside:

  • This Habits Masterclass is presented by a busy mom with a FT job, a business of her own, married, who plans for everyone else too and with lots going on, just like you! (That’s me too!)

  • I speak from the perspective of a woman of color, daughter of immigrant where often the concept of “family first” needs to reframed with the idea that you too are part of the family so it’s ok to include yourself on your schedule and what energizes you for your family…

  • I don’t tell you what habits to change / focus on but I guide you on what makes sense with heart and hustle in mind (which a lot of programs leave out).