Time Is Mine Workbook

A module with accompanying workbook so you can toss your to-do list and reclaim your time and energy.

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Toss your to-do list

Organize your time

Let go and be present


Is this you?

  • Do you have a never-ending to-do list?
  • Do you want to do it all without burning out?
  • Do you want to feel more accomplished at the end of the day?
  • Do you love to be busy but don’t enjoy being burnt out and tired?
  • Do you want to be present with your family while pursuing your dreams and goals?
  • Do you find your schedule packed with many things for others instead of you?
  • Do you need a better system to make time for yourself and those you love?
CLICK HERE to get the Time Is Mine Workbook now!

As a working mom in sales with an infant and toddler, my days were a blur of constant movement.

Picture this: Nursing my infant to getting my toddler ready for daycare while responding to emails and juggling household chores–cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and getting a workout in.

Although working from home was a blessing, I felt like there was no start or stop to my day, and my to-do list never seemed to end. Despite doing so much, I always felt behind and unaccomplished, leaving me feeling heartsick (healthy outside, broken inside).

I realized I was doing so much for others and not caring for myself.

So, I decided to focus on my heart and do things that aligned more with my values because I didn’t want to be that mom who was always on the move.

I wanted stillness, to be present, and to be heart-happy, so that the smile others see is the one from within. I remember going to parties/family gatherings and feeling fake and heavy in my heart. I wanted to end that, be seen for who I am, and not have to wear a mask.

So, I took my to-do list and mapped out my weeks and days, ensuring I carved out precious time for myself and my loved ones.

The result?

A significant lightening of the invisible load I carried. And that’s exactly what I want to empower you with, sis.

This workbook is my heart-happy guide, and I can't wait to show you how it will bring joy to your relationships, career, and personal life.

Ready to get started?

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Coach Heather has helped me claim back my heart-centered power by claiming back my time, my golden hours (time spent with me, myself, and I!). I wasted so much time pencilling in things into my day-to-day schedule that didn't fill my cup.
- Adrienne

The most significant overall change is that I check in with myself if an activity or action (big or small) is aligned with how I want to feel in flow, and if it isn't....considering what I could change about it to help me feel in flow, or if it is something that I might be able to delegate.
- Katie

I’ve seen a complete change in my day-to-day and creating a schedule for myself ahead of time. I’m really able to accomplish more by managing my time better, that includes taking care of my body, mind and soul.
- Deborah

The solution - Time Is Mine Workbook

The Time Is Mine Workbook allows you to think about your time and energy more holistically, whereas a digital calendar system, blank planner or post-it invites you to fill it up with tasks or events but doesn’t  make sure you schedule things for yourself too.

I walk you through how to not only manage your time but also your energy! Because your energy can be the difference between having a good day or a bad day, and if you’ve been filling up your day with things for other people, I’d guess that you’ve recently had more bad days than good.

We can end that with this module and workbook. This is your first step to living more intentionally and being about your goals / the person you truly intend to be.

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Imagine being fully present and clear of the whirlwind of tasks. Imagine sitting in a meeting and NOT thinking about other projects or checking emails because you’re locked in and sharing your valuable insights. Imagine feeling more connected to your partner and listening / having more meaningful conversations because you’re no longer distracted by all the things you need to do or wished they would have done. Imagine finally putting effort towards a passion project and your health with healthy habits because THAT’s how much you’ve reclaimed your time and energy.


  1. This workbook is written and presented by a busy mom with a FT job, a business of her own, married with lots going on, just like you! (That’s me BTW!)
  2. I speak from the perspective of a woman of color, daughter of immigrant where often the concept of “family first” needs to reframed with the idea that you too are part of the family so it’s ok to include yourself on your schedule and what energizes you for your family…


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been being more mindful about the decisions I make when it comes to food and exercise and reminding myself that it's ok to put ME first when it comes to my family and friends, also being better at communicating my needs with my partner/husband.
- Amy

This module has helped me break down each goal step by step so it not overwhelming and feels doable. I’m reminded to ask myself “what is my ‘why?’”for my goals which is also a big motivator as well as learning to slow down, plan, and become mindful of things that are important to me and think about how I want to feel.
- Kim

I now incorporate movement consistently. Also, I'm more aware of the choices I have, whether it be food, or exercise or my relationships, and therefore, I try to be more intentional about the choices I make and then plan my life accordingly by making sure I do the things that make me feel energized.
- Kathy

CLICK HERE to get the Time Is Mine Workbook now!

What’s inside?

Module that walks you through how to align your actions / tasks / schedule to who and what you want to be about and the accompanying workbook to help you set intentions, goals and set the activities you need to move the dial in your life while making sure you fill in daily self-care. 

The invisible load of all the things you carry in your mind weighs heavier and heavier the more you don’t do anything about organizing it all. And I know you don’t want to be reactive, especially to those you love.

I know you want to live a life for yourself too but are struggling to find the system to make that happen with so much going on. Well, you don’t have to be in survival mode any longer. And you don’t have to figure this out on your own, either.

Here’s a roadmap and you get to fill in the blanks with your heart and hustle in mind.

I believe in you!

CLICK HERE to get the Time Is Mine Workbook now!