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Holistic Habits E-course for Ambitious Women

“First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not...” - Octavia Butler

Why figure it out alone when you can have everything in one space, covering key habits required to support your life, relationships, and career?

This Habits Over Inspiration E-Course is your key to skipping the trial and error and reclaiming your time to create healthy habits, whether inspired or not.

Because I’ve been where you’re at, sis.

I was that supermom who tried to do it all herself. I was overwhelmed, burnt out, and heart-sick (healthy on the outside but broken inside).

And I don’t want that for you, sis.

I learned that being a super mom meant being super supported, having healthy boundaries, confidently speaking up and cultivating healthy habits.

Because the saying "family-first" extends to us as WE are a part of the family.

I realized we can't pour from an empty cup. We must nourish ourselves to truly be there for our loved ones.

That’s why I created this guide with the tools and resources you will need to build a heart-happy life.

This e-course walks you through the practical HOW of creating healthy habits, ensuring that you'll be about your health, goals, and, most importantly, your heart—feeling happy & healthy from the inside out!

What you'll get:

  • You can access all of my habit modules (9 recorded workshops with worksheets) to listen to at your own pace and refer to any time you feel stuck.

  • Modules cover time & energy management, sleep, emotional / mindset, eating, communication, self-care, and exercise habits.

  • Modules are hosted on Kajabi with its FREE app so that modules can be accessible on any device/smartphone.

  • This e-course can be purchased for any of my coaching services when you are ready.

There are also many references and resources to create a personalized, more informed, heart-centered system of habits to BE ABOUT IT!

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Have more BALANCE in your life by taking care of yourself and the things you need to for others.


Own your TIME to reach your goals and silence the noise of all the “shoulds”.


Feel more ENERGY to keep up with your family and loved ones while reaching your personal goals.


  • You want to feel like yourself again.
  • You find it hard to say “no” to others.
  • You lack balance and often are on the move.
  • You live in the future, missing out on the present.
  • You often feel like you are living for others versus yourself.
  • You have very little time for yourself, let alone healthy habits.
  • You feel burnt out because of your packed schedule and never-ending to-do list.
  • You want to improve your habits and establish healthy boundaries with your friends, family, and loved ones.



Let me take you back to a time when I was a new mom to an infant and toddler, living & working from my parent’s home with 2 dogs, and trying to keep up with a toxic executive sales job with a failing marriage.

On the outside, I seemed like a superwoman.
But on the inside, I found myself burnt out and heart-sick (healthy on the outside but broken inside).

Because in the quest to please everyone, I lost sight of who I was—more than a mother and a wife—and what I wanted—to uplift women through shared experiences.

The pressure to meet everyone's expectations left me anxious, and I knew deep down that something had to change.

So, one day, I decided to confess to my closest friend that I wasn’t OK even though I appeared to “have it all” (married with kids). Honestly, I expected a solutions-based response. But she validated my feelings, shared how much she related, and held space for me to think about what was next for me— which was couples and personal therapy.

This marked the beginning of my journey to healing from within, leading with my heart and embracing healthy habits that allowed me to rebuild life on my terms - No longer reacting to everything and everyone.

My husband and I worked on reviving our marriage. I became a more present mom and found a job that felt like a calling.

The result?

More joy, better health—a life that makes my heart truly happy.

When I realized my life obstacles were common among women but that there wasn’t a dedicated space for women to come together to overcome them, I decided to become a certified Health & Life coach with a program focused on creating healthy habits for ambitious women like you.

I've spent years diving deep to build healthy habits, sculpting them through my ups and downs. Now, my mission is all about saving you time, guiding you out of being overwhelmed, and far away from doing it all on your own.

This is more than your typical coaching gig—it's a sisterhood, a safe space where shared stories and healthy habits light the way to a life that's not just about existence but is profoundly heart-happy.

And I’m not just your coach.

Think of me as a sister, your cheerleader rooting for you.

Because I get it—we're ambitious, entrepreneurial, and deeply nurturing, but we can be all that without burning out and define success on our own terms.

You're here to heal from the past, carve a holistic path to your dreams, and wear all your hats gracefully. You've played many roles, and now it's time to add a crucial one to the list: your nurturer.

Let’s embrace the woman you've always wanted to be—healthy, confident, utterly happy, and authentically YOU.

The journey won't be perfect, but that’s why I’ll be here in your corner, helping you navigate to attain a heart-happy life.

Ready to embrace and nurture the nurturer in you?

Get Access to the Habits Over Inspiration E-course now: 

"I created Be About It Health & Wellness to help women feel heart-happy so that the smile we see reflects the one within."

- Coach Heather


Get Access to the Habits Over Inspiration E-course now



There is no one that hustles more than a busy mom with a big heart like you. You are a mom who finds it challenging to meet your personal goals or get healthy habits to stick because of all the variables constantly changing in your life (kids, work, house upkeep, etc.). “Family first” has been ingrained in you, and you feel guilty putting yourself first, but here’s the thing, sis. The concept of “family first” includes you, and they need you to feel your best self because I’m sure, like anyone else, you are not proud of reaching your capacities and then taking it out on something / someone you didn’t intend to. (I’ve been there!).

Many women think that they need to wait until their life is settled down and perfect to begin a journey like this, but this e-course already takes into account what’s going on right now to overcome these obstacles as you progress in building healthy habits. 

So you need a program that gets you so that you can figure out the pieces to feel more balanced, have more time and energy, and feel like yourself again. This e-course is your answer to taking things one step at a time to build a system of healthy habits in each key area: time management, sleep, eating, exercise, emotional grounding, communication, and self-care habits. There is no program out there that can tie this all in for mothers but this one. I’ll show you how you can build a system of habits for the life you want in this self-paced course. And here’s the thing, sis, once you hear this stuff I share with you and start applying it, your mindset will change forever, and you’ll finally feel the push you need to keep being about what makes you heart-happy.

Get Access to the Habits Over Inspiration E-course now